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Didn’t read my request for extra peas :(

Stefani, 22 Jul 2020

  Reply : Dear sir We did read your requirement for extra pea on the rice. We normally only put few on it, we put double volume on yours If you like more pea, please leave requirement as ( lots of pea ) We will cook the rice on your requirement. Thank you


Excellent service, great food, great staff

Katie, 20 Jun 2020

Absolutely fantastic food as usual. Thanks for being open during the Pandemic of 2020.

Pamela, 13 Jun 2020

Best chines

Georgina, 23 May 2020

Excellent company and fantastic deal. Order from here all the time as excellent food. Keep going everyone and stay safe team!

Garner, 18 May 2020

Food is always very good. Delivery is usually much faster than stated at the time of ordering

Karen, 24 Apr 2020


Georgia, 13 Apr 2020


Lord, 12 Apr 2020

Why has my order arrived an hour before the delivery time i selected? My wife doesn't get back from working at the hospital untill the delivery time I selected. Arriving an hour early means her food will be ruined.

M Hoyle, 10 Apr 2020

Some of the nicest people and selection of food in the area. Always delivers professionally and on schedule.

Dr Howard, 02 Feb 2020


Jade Barnett, 26 Jan 2020


Kim H, 02 Jan 2020


Jade Barnett, 23 Dec 2019

Quite slow today but I suppose it's primetime Friday evening (normally a lot quicker). Good food for good price

Jess, 01 Nov 2019

  Reply : tonight M6 and A500 closed, caused a heavy traffic cross the whole city centre till 8pm


Food was spot on and on time

David Dent, 20 Oct 2019


Golden Wok is DELICIOUS and worth every penny (even if it’s pricey for a few things). The service speed can be lacklustre at times, but I suppose that should be typical for a Friday evening. Love the food guys

Louis, 18 Oct 2019


Adam Deeb, 16 Oct 2019


Adam Deeb, 16 Oct 2019


Adam Deeb, 16 Oct 2019

I have been craving you for two days! Thank you!

Lily, 11 Oct 2019

Top quality food, exceptionally quick delivery

Paul, 04 Oct 2019


Lily, 22 Sep 2019

Fire emblem

Brogan, 14 Sep 2019

Can not fault this place beautiful food all the time curry's bit spicy but thats good as we like spicy foods great value for the money

Joanne, 26 Aug 2019

Food is excellent quick service what more do you want!!

Nicholas, 15 Aug 2019


Nichola Hobson, 15 Jul 2019